Indonesia Last-mile Delivery Platform
Extend your sales in Indonesia with
maximum transparency

The network consists of different role teams interconnected through PFCEX platform.

Teams provide full stack of operations for efficient sales in Indonesia under your full control:
distributed warehouses over the area, end-customer call-center support, fast last-mile delivery, Cash On Delivery collection and returns management.

All processes might be customized according your requirements including logics of motivation for agents. You also can integrate your own warehouse or delivery team into network using our logistics management software.
Our Product

We provide a 360 degree solution for sales & delivery support including:
Indonesia Fulfillment and warehousing
We collect, store, pack and send to carrier. We provide you with full information about inventory levels.
First and Last-mile Delivery Network
Order will be delivered by our delivery agent network and integrated national carriers.
Middle-mile Tracking
Control of goods or orders distribution among cities within country.
We will call the customer from a local call-center to verify the order and handle any complaints from the customer during and after delivery.
Reverse Logistics
Hassle free returns is the best way to deliver great brand experience which leads to high retention levels and improved LTV. We'll take care of this process for you.
Cash On Delivery
We can provide collection of cash on delivery: it is the most common payment method in emerging markets and providing a cash on delivery payment option significantly increases conversion rates.
Marketing Support
We can provide additional marketing consulting services and provide you with up to date customer research data.
Deep Analytics
Allows progressive optimization of delivery speed and buyout rates.

Open API for synchronizing of data with your IT infrastructure such as CRM, ERP or finance systems.
Our Product Is Best For
- We motivate our local partners to improve buyout rates.
- You get a clear understanding of local stock levels and sales.
- You pay only for successful sales and deliveries.

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E-commerce Using CoD
- We provide a 360-degree solution for your e-commerce business to open new markets and bring in new potential clients
- Cash on delivery is the preferred payment method in most countries in Africa, South America and South East Asia. Attract more leads and clients by providing payment methods they understand.
- We handle the pain of local cash collection and provide transfer services to extract the money from those countries.
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Drop shippers
- Expansion opportunity to emerging markets
- Local customer support to handle complaints and returns
- Organise local inventory to save on logistics costs and decrease time to customer
- Marketing research support to reach more customers

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Our approach
You pay for successful deliveries
Indonesia markets can be complicated. We take out the stress and guarantee successful deliveries, or you get your money back.
Constant quality improvement
We work on improving the delivery process by using deep analytics and data collection.
24/7 Support
We individually approach each client and learn about your business to provide the most suitable service. We will also provide support and transparent instruments for feedback.
Only Success
You pay only for successful deliveries
Cancelations and returns
If goods are rejected by the customer, we will deliver them back to you free of charge or store them at our local warehouse.
If goods were lost or salvaged, we will compensate 50 % of estimated price.
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